3 Things Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop Doing

You and your mechanic may not be best buddies, but it’s definitely beneficial to establish a good relationship with them. To keep them happy, these are the things you should not be doing with your car.

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Ignoring Your “Check Engine” and Other Warning Lights

Driver’s often think they can ignore a lit check engine light because “it’s just an emissions problem.” It’s true that the early On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) engine computers from 1982 just monitored the emissions systems.

Waiting Too Long On Routine Maintenance

Late model cars and trucks are built to more exacting tolerances and that means routine maintenance is more important than ever. If you think the engineers just make up the oil and fluid change and inspection recommendations to generate money for your mechanic, think again!

Ignoring Unusual Noises

Vehicles in good condition don’t make squealing, screeching, grinding, rumbling, clicking or clunking sounds. A squealing sound can be a sign of a drive belt problem. (Here’s how to check for serpentine belt wear and how to change a serpentine belt.)

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