Best Health Food Stores You Can Order From Online

You're trying to eat smarter, but if the nearest health food store is miles away — or worse, way out of your budget — these online retailers have you covered. They make it easy to order good-for-you snacks and staples, whether you're looking to try ginger tahini yuba noodles or stock up on a jumbo bag of almonds.

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With most foods priced at a mere $3, Brandless offers snacks and pantry essentials like olive oil and tahini for a cost that won't blow your budget. (Carts over $48 also earn free shipping.) The company claims that their entire food assortment is non GMO and made without any synthetic preservatives or flavors. There's also a feel-good bonus: The company donates one meal to Feeding America for every order.


Get personalized recommendations, pick a delivery schedule, and let Hungryroot do the rest. "I love Hungryroot because they make it simpler to make a healthier choice — without additional time for meal planning or settling for a sad salad," London says. "Their sauces and spices are nutrient-dense, filled with antioxidants, and provide unique flavor to their already-unique veggie options." Try inventive plant-based foods like kohlrabi noodles, beet pesto, and mushroom chicken meatballs. Subscriptions start at $69 weekly for 11 items and free shipping.

Amazon Fresh

Your Amazon Prime account gets you even more than you think. Source more obscure ingredients (like nutritional yeast — yum!) while taking advantage of the free shipping, or try some of their own Amazon creations. The Wickedly Prime line includes smart snack options like fiery jalapeño sunflower seeds and crunchy pea crisps. "Pair a handful with fruit for a midday snack that’s filled with antioxidants, minerals, and plant-based protein and fiber," London suggests. Upgrade to AmazonFresh for an extra $15 per month and you can also order produce and other perishable groceries.

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“Give a child essential nutrition & a lifetime of health. Donate today. Top 4-Star Rated Charity。U.S. + 50 Countries。Serving 61M Kids and Moms。Types: Prenatal Vitamins, Breastfeeding Promotion, Vitamin A, Deworming, Multivitamins。”

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“Your heartbeat and blood pressure drive food recommendations in real time。Snap-shoot your food and check if you can eat it now - based on your blood pressure。Services: AI Facial Analytics, BMI Guess, Age Prediction。”

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